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Energetic nv in a nutshell


Energetic NV, based in Stekene, Belgium, is a privately owned, independent company. We offer the highest quality of service and expertise on a wide range of turbo machinery types, and strategic rotating equipment, from many different manufacturers.

Our aim is to unburden our customers by means of our 360° rotating equipment package approach. Each customer is unique, each project is unique. A good understanding of the customer's needs is key to make the difference; this is where we stand out.

The technology of reverse engineering of spare parts and our rotating equipment knowledge are our parade horses and lead us to success and satisfied customers.

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Fully equipped workshop and head office in Stekene Belgium. New build in 2017 and extension in progress spring 2020.

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Turbomachinery applications from various industrial sectors in progress. The people of Energetic nv are well educated and have extensive experience. 15 to 20 years and more, individual expertise is no exception but normal with us.
Our technical people in the field & workshop are supported by a group of engineers from the back office. They are in daily contact with each other to discuss and assess facts and findings.
We can also provide an impressive reference list of projects already carried out.
Energetic has no ties whatsoever with any original constructor and works completely independently. In more than 500 projects we have provided the spare parts ourselves by using reverse engineering.

Reverse engineering of spare parts

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Reverse engineering of turbomachinery parts, the process at Energetic is fully mastered. From scanning , 3D modelling to 2D drawings and parts production, including quality control.

Engineered Solutions

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Engineered solutions by using applied software to calculate or simulate rotor behaviour. In this way we can check adjustments for vibrations before actually performing them.

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Simulations sometimes show that the design of hydrodynamic bearings needs to be modified to reduce vibration levels in order to produce more power. We do this by using bearing load calculations and rotor dynamic simulations.

Industrial Steam turbine Service & Inspections

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All inspections & overhauls regarding industrial steam turbines up to approximately 50 Mw are offered.

Energetic nv also has a 24/7 service.

The people of Energetic are very skilled in carrying out these activities and are therefore very efficient and fast. Much faster than the classic used configurations of people.

Despite the fact that we can present a very extensive reference list, we have of course already taken care of many MAN and Siemens turbines. This is because these brands represent the majority of the industrial installed base here in Europe.

360° service

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Not only do we take care of the compressors and turbines, but we also handle the auxiliary equipment.

In this example we show that we completely overhaul a planetary gearbox including regrinding the crown wheel, replacing the white metal pinion bearings and manufacturing a new gear coupling.

We also overhaul all oil pumps and associated equipment and instrumentation. We also implement the generator works in our workscope.

Single & Multistage compressor service

Energetic in a nutshell 14All inspections and services relating to industrial single and multi-stage compressors are offered.

In this example, you can see a Demag VK compressor 3 stages & expander almost total loss.

Energetic has replaced all damaged parts using reverse engineering technology.

We also have experienced people at our disposal who carry out the inspections on site.

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24/7 service

Engineers are available to assist you in case of emergencies.

+32 3 790 12 60