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    Steam turbine service

    We take great pride in our service team. Our project leaders, engineers and supervisors have an accumulated experience of hunderds of years. This experience enables us to perform on-site overhauls or repairs in a unprecedented efficiency. The chance that a damage or a problem is encountered that we have not dealt with is very slim.

    Our project approach results in a team that is designated to a partical project. This means that team members remain responsible for the complete execution of the project. We have choosen to let go of the traditional field crew/shop crew set up. We are convinced that this leads to more ownership and commitment among teams and as a consequence optimum quality and efficiency.

    Of course this requires tools, among others we have laser alignment, bore alignment, level alignment, endoscopes, non-destructive testing, hydraulic bolt tensioning, thermal bolt tensioning, welding, drilling, grinding, measuring, lifting, hosting, hydraulic pressing, tool containers, equipped service vans etc. All tools are certified, calibrated according applicable legislation.

    Our newly built and well-equipped workshop is fully at your service.
    All the core competencies needed to provide an independent service are housed here. 
    Typical repairs are amongst others: turbine rotor reblading, turbocompressor de/restacking, NDT inspection, seal strip replacement, balancing, bearing repair, shaft and bearing journal repair, control and stopvalve overhaul.
    After identification of the damage a repair plan is developed, planned and executed. During the different steps quality checks are carried out to guarantee the desired result.

    EH&S is of the upmost importance, in a challenging working environment with complex equipment and systems experience alone is not enough. All Energetic NV personell is certified VOL VCA (valid for Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland), and SSG Entre (Sweden).

    Energetic nv has no association or contractual relations with any original equipment manufacturer.