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KKK AFA/CFR (SST40-SST110) Steam turbine overhaul & repair

The people of Energetic have a very extensive and long experience with this type of turbines. Not only are customers being helped to solve problems by means of trouble shooting, but planned maintenance and inspections are also being carried out.

KKK AFA CFR SST40 SST110(4)Energetic also has a reverse engineering department where the spare parts are developed. For example, we have supplied turbine wheels, pinions and bull gears, bearings, seals and various other spare parts for many turbines.

We have a workshop in Belgium and our service people are active both in the far north and in the far south of Europe. Our back office and engineers are always at the service of our customers who solve any questions and assist where necessary. In addition to quality, flexibility is our greatest asset. The inspections are planned in such a way that they minimally disturb the production, and we also have a 24/7 call out service.

Modernization of the control and monitoring systems are also possible. We carry out mechanical work on the generators ourselves, electronic measurements and repairs of electrical components are carried out by a recognised partner. In this way we offer our customers a total solution program.
We treat all types of KKK-Siemens-Howden turbines in our program, completely separately and without any commitment/relationship with any original manufacturer.